Exciting New Haikyu!! Release Collections - Limited Edition!

Exciting New Haikyu!! Release Collections - Limited Edition!

We are thrilled to present our limited edition Haikyu!! jersey collection, inspired by the iconic anime and its latest movie. These jerseys are designed with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of the beloved characters and teams from the series. Here’s a closer look at our two exclusive designs:

Karasuno High School Jersey

Front Design: The front of the jersey features the bold "Karasuno" logo, accompanied by the team’s emblem. The design is highlighted by the iconic black and orange color scheme, synonymous with Karasuno High. A silhouette of a crow, representing the team's nickname "The Flightless Crows," adds a dynamic touch to the jersey.

Back Design: The back showcases the number 10, paying homage to the series' protagonist, Shoyo Hinata. Surrounding the number are flying crows, symbolizing the team's growth and aspirations to reach new heights.

Nekoma High School Jersey

Front Design: This jersey displays the "Nekoma" logo prominently, set against the striking red and black colors that represent Nekoma High. The front also features a silhouette of a black cat, a nod to the team’s nickname "The Cats," symbolizing agility and cleverness.

Back Design: The number 1 is boldly printed on the back, referencing the ace and captain, Tetsuro Kuroo. The black cat silhouette reappears here, emphasizing the team's stealth and strategic prowess.

Special Features

Exclusive Collection: Only 100 pieces of each design are available. Once sold out, these designs will not be restocked, making them a rare collector's item.

Authentic Design: Every detail of these jerseys has been crafted to stay true to the spirit of Haikyu!! and its characters, perfect for fans who want to wear their passion on their sleeves.

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Preorder Period: Now until June 16, 2024

Expected Delivery: By the end of June 2024

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